About Us

Hello friends! Welcome to one of a kind baby and toddler girl clothing boutique (toddler boys coming soon!) My Little Humans Boutique was founded by myself, Maria, a momma of two beautiful children Camila and Emilio, and my wonderful husband Sergio. We are a North Carolinian online based boutique; inspired by our children. We now have a space at The Painted Tree Boutiques in Cary,NC! Soon after our children were born we struggled to find stylishaffordable, and great quality outfits, now we are proud and honored to team up with some of the best fashion wholesalers based in the US. Our passion and desire is to help other parents by bringing the best qualities into a single boutique! My Little Humans Boutique has come to the rescue! 

How are we different?

First, we carefully hand select each item that are not only ADORABLE, but also of great quality. Also, some of our cutest, fun patterned outfits will only be available on a limited run, so hurry and get yours today! We offer Baby-friendly clothing, meaning the clothing is ULTRA SOFT for delicate skin! Our mission is for your precious ones to feel comfortable, as well as cute while keeping it budget- friendly on your wallet.  

We want to thank each and everyone of you in advance for all the love and support, it means the world to us, for you to be a part of a dream come true! Don't forget to tag or share your pictures with us, we'd be delighted to see those beautiful faces shine through our page.